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Virtual Office Without the Chaos

Road rage got you down? Cut out that daily commute! Reclaim 1-4 hours per day for personal pursuits. Work in your PJ’s, an old t-shirt, or whatever is comfortable. Save $$ on cleaning bills! Read Virtual Office without the Chaos and learn how to get out of the daily grind and into a positive working environment. A must read for the business owner OR the corporate employee who offices from home.

Honoring Learners

Honoring Learners is a Quick Hit information resource for corporate trainers, speakers, facilitators, teachers and educators. It will help you be more effective in the sessions you lead and improve understanding and learning for learners.

Creating Radical Performance Change
Co-authored with Leslie Hoy

Creating Radical Performance Change will help you: determine where you are really going, uncover the truths about where you are now, recognize your motivating goal, identify what you need to focus on and plan a path to accomplish radical performance change.  Creating Radical Performance Change tells you what everyone in management wants to know: how to be an effective leader who produces outstanding results.

Charlie Was a Rich Man

Charlie was a Rich Man is the memoir of a life well lived, of the highs and lows life can bring and how finding a loving family can make all the difference. Charlie’s tale will make you chuckle as well as touch your heart. If you are three years old to ninety-one, a pet owner or just an admirer from afar, you will enjoy this book.