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Marketing U
This one hour keynote/workshop is designed to assist participants in marketing themselves in one of three venues: within a corporation for a more desirable position, to another company for a new opportunity or to a variety of customers in their own business. The session will discuss goals, networking, communication and more.

Dress To Succeed
How should you dress for the boardroom, the business casual event? What attire is appropriate for the company picnic? Do you have to “break the bank” to build a professional wardrobe? Packed with examples of appropriate professional attire, this presentation will help your organization choose appropriate clothing for any business situation.

Keeping Fired Up Without Burning Out
Designed to prevent job burnout, this one hour keynote/workshop presents ways to manage time, reduce stress, focus on what is truly important in life and reach your heart’s desire.

Training for Life
Corporate training should serve to create better people, not just more skilled employees. This one hour keynote/workshop presents ways that instructors can use training to improve life skills of employees. The end result can be a more loyal and mature workforce.

Recognitions That Work
Recognitions that are dynamic and motivate employees to higher performance are the subject of this one hour keynote/workshop. Recognitions from formal, expensive events to inexpensive and spontaneous rewards will be discussed. The ideas in this workshop have a proven track record of results.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward
This one hour keynote/workshop deals with presenting yourself in a professional and memorable manner through appearance, communication and interpersonal skills.

Virtual Office Without the Chaos
Designed for the business owner or the corporation with a workforce which offices at home, this one hour session can be customized to the participants’ needs. It will cover how to organize the office, what communication equipment to choose, how to manage the stress of family and friends while they office at home. This session will help participants keep “in the know” and visible in the corporation or business community while taking advantage of the one minute “commute.”

Successful Remote Management
This session helps managers of remote teams design effective communication, create dynamic teams, manage performance remotely and create high performance organizations. A variety of tips and processes will be shared that will create harmony instead of hassle for the remote manager.