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Training for Trainers

Power Training

Power Training is a comprehensive course that prepares trainers for a variety of training experiences. It includes:

  • Trainer Basics: Accelerated learning, adult learning theory, learning styles, multiple intelligence, creating and maintaining an effective learning environment, recall techniques, using visual aids for learning and room configuration.
  • Instructional Design: ADDIE development process; incorporating adult learning, accelerated learning and learning styles into training design; and creating participant workbooks, leader guides and support materials.
  • Presentation and Facilitation Skills: Incorporating strong presentation skills into training, combining presentation and facilitation skills, questioning techniques, creating interaction through facilitation, teaching without telling. This session
  • Skills Project: Participants will complete a comprehensive project after attending the six sessions to demonstrate skills learned. The project will include creating a short training program, leader’s guide, participant workbook and learning activities. Participants receiving a satisfactory score on this project will receive a certificate of completion for the course.

Course length: 6 days Maximum participants: 10


Accelerated Learning

Accelerated learning principles can take your training classes to the next level. In this fun and interactive course you will learn to recognize the three learning styles and the multiple intelligences and to create events that support these learning essentials. You will build skills on application of whole brain learning, using music to accelerate learning and designing a variety of learning activities to enhance student progress.

Course length: 1 day Maximum participants: 25


Training Program Management

Designed for those currently managing training programs, or those who want to build the necessary skills, this comprehensive program will teach you basic skills to establish and operate large or small programs. You will learn to interview, develop and evaluate instructors, perform needs analysis for training development and establish cost/benefit analysis. In addition, we will discuss designing departmental training policies and effectively evaluating training courses using four levels of evaluation.

Course length: 2 days Maximum participants: 25